Network Manager

Ryan Hanley has developed a leakage calculation and reporting system that allows Water Utilities to determine leakage levels across their networks and to prioritise areas for leakage reduction. Ryan Hanley designed, built, implemented, tested, and configured the system and provides on-going training, licensing, maintenance and support.

Some of the features of the system, known as Network Manager, include:

  • Accesses and displays monitored data from Loggers and Telemetry systems.
  • Uses an Irish Water compatible operational hierarchy.
  • Calculates leakage at DMA and WSZ levels based on up to date flow data.
  • Reports on DMA/WSZ operability.
  • Outputs reports to meet the Irish Water reporting format, with bespoke reporting where required.
  • Scalable to be able to handle any number of assets.
  • Allows utilities to configure their own Zones, DMAs, and flow meters and to manage their own users.
  • Provides extensive mapping of assets, pipes and leaks.
  • Water resource and distribution input reporting.
  • Allows prioritisation of active leakage control by DMA.
  • Pressure management Reporting.
  • Hydraulic Model Analysis.
  • Event and alarm reporting.
  • Asset Management including visualisation of network issues by area.
  • Cloud-based, the system requires no additional software to be installed.
  • Its responsive, user-friendly design, allows it to be viewed clearly on PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Ryan Hanley has successfully implemented and continues to support the leakage management system in Ireland.

For further information, please call Ryan Hanley on +353-1-297-3030 or email